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Locus Amoenus: Matt Shane solo show (Red Bird, Nov 26)

November 20, 2010

“Out of Sight” by Matt Shane (Click to enlarge)

Don’t miss Locus Amoenus, an exhibition of intricate imagined landscapes by Montreal artist Matt Shane, opening at Red Bird this Saturday. Shane sees painting as a form of travel. “When I’m physically traveling, I like to plan a trip, wander and get lost, lose my bearings, and eventually find my way home,” he says in his artist statement. “Similarly with painting, I like to let the composition grow and evolve beyond any prevision I start out with. My favorite paintings offer more than a trip for their creator—they are grounds for thought, play and discovery on the part of the viewer as well.”

Check out for an taste, including some gorgeous drawings.

Vernissage: November 26th, 7pm to 12 am
Show runs November 26th to December 6th, 12pm to 6pm

Red Bird Gallery (135 Van Horne W.)

Commencer vers le fin: Silkscreens by Jesse Purcell (Red Bird)

November 1, 2010

Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 12pm-6pm

Le Flaneur: An exhibition of posters by Jack Dylan (Red Bird, Aug 27)

August 17, 2010

Don’t miss this retrospective exhibition and sale from one of Montreal’s best known poster artists, Jack Dylan. Vernissage Aug. 27 7 pm – 12 am. Red Bird Gallery, 135 Van Horne O. Details below (click to enlarge).

Andrea Kastner’s URBAN DIARY (Red Bird until June 24)

June 5, 2010

When I first saw the images above I was sure they were drawn or painted. A closer look reveals that they are collages. Assembled by multi-media artist Andrea Kastner out of found objects like metro tickets, shopping bags and electrical tape, the series documents one block of Mile End alleyway directly facing Red Bird where she has her studio.

For the month of June Andrea has opened her doors to the public to view her work, including an 18 foot panoramic tribute to NDG’s Egyptian themed Cinema V.

For more information contact / 514 690 8289.

Red Bird Gallery 135 Van Horne
OPEN STUDIO Tues–Fri June 1st–27th, 12:00-18:00.
WORKSHOP Sat June 19th, 14:00–18:00.
FINISSAGE Thurs June 24th, 19:00–24:00.

Interview: My Own Private Dante’s Disneyland (Red Bird, Opening Feb. 11)

February 9, 2010

Jacinthe Loranger is a silkscreening and installation artist based in Montreal. Known for her psychedelic landscapes and colourful characters, My Own Private Dante’s Disneyland is a series of photographic self portraits that poses the question: what if Alice fell down that rabbit hole not as a child, but as a woman in her thirties?

We asked Jacinthe a few questions about how drawing figures into her work…

D&D: Where does your inspiration for this show, and your work in general come from these days?

JL: Un sac de crottes de fromage peut être pour moi une grande source d’inspiration au même titre qu’une peine d’amour. J’aime attribuer une personnalité  à des objets. En fait, j’imagine que ça vient pas mal de la culture asiatique.

D&D: How does drawing factor into your silkscreen work? What is your process when you start a project like this (do you work from sketches, use source photos, etc) How much is planned and how much happens by chance?

JL: Je travaille avec le dessins depuis très longtemps. En fait, je suis vraiment plus à l’aise avec des crayons qu’avec un pinceau. Tout mon travaille en sérigraphie depuis les cinq dernières années, c’est du dessin. Je sais pas mal le résultat à l’avance dans ma tête. Je pense en séparation de couleur.

D&D: Do you consider yourself a drawer, or is it just a way to get to the final silkscreened work?

JL: C’est bizzare mais non je ne me considère pas comme une dessinatrice. En fait,je dessine mal! J’ai juste vraiment du fun!

Le dessin fait partie intégrante de ma pratique mais j’essaie de ne pas me définir selon mon médium. J’ai quand même l’impression de toujours reproduire mes dessin que ce soit en photo ou en sculpture.

My Own Private Dante’s Disneyland: The fantasmagoric universe of Jacinthe Loranger
Vernissage February 11th, 19:00–24:00
February 12th–15th, 12:00–18:00
Red Bird Gallery, 135 Van Horne O.

Call for submissions: Re-design the Olympic rings

January 31, 2010

Send submissions to:

Opening: Works on Paper Project (Red Bird Gallery)

January 20, 2010

The second chapter of the Red Bird Gallery’s Works on Paper Project takes place January 29-31, 12-6pm. This ongoing project features a wide range of 2D works from some of Montreal’s most exciting emerging artists.

Vernissage Thursday Jan. 28, 7-12. 135 Van Horne O.

(click flyer to enlarge)

Review: The Dirty Laundry show (Oksana Kemarskaya)

December 13, 2009

Nov. 27, 2009 – I dropped in early at the Red Bird Gallery to see this one-night-only show before the masses descended to pilfer and peek at Oskana Kemarskaya‘s vast portfolio of sketches and process work from her past 5 years as a commercial illustrator.

Set up as though a gust of wind had forced open her portfolio (stuck to the wall) and send papers blowing all over the gallery walls and floor, the work ranged from unfinished pencil sketches to gorgeous fully developed pen & ink work, with all the white out and behind the scenes scratch marks that are never seen in polished final pieces.

According to organizers it was a show for artists, in particular illustrators. Sneaking a peek into one another’s sketchbooks and portfolios is a great way to analyse technique, and learn new tricks. While it was obvious that a lot of the work was intended for commercial purposes (animation, children’s books, etc), Oskana’s talent and unique sense of style shone through in each piece.

At the end of the night attendees were invited to take what they wished, and the rest was burned. See and read more about the show here.