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The Dice Show @ HQ: Next session May 13

May 11, 2010

This month sees Headquarter’s Gallery and En Masse team up for The Dice Show. 45 2’x2′ panels were constructed, painted white and mounted on the gallery walls. Participating artists come in for three drawing sessions (May 6, 13 and 20th, 6-9 pm – open to public viewing). At the end of each session dice are rolled and the panels are shuffled.

Read more about it on the HQ Blog, and check out the finishing party on May 28th.

Nuit Blanche Feature: Celebrating Black on White with En Masse

February 25, 2010

Jason Botkin, is a Montreal artist and co-founder  of En Masse, an ongoing collaborative black & white drawing project that’s being featured for the second time at this year’s Nuit Blanche Festival. He was kind enough to share some info on the project and what they’ll be up to this weekend:

EN MASSE mobilizes emerging artists from Montreal and abroad in an ongoing series of artistic conversations, a non-linear dialog connecting these characters in the creation of large-scale, highly spontaneous, collaborative black and white murals and public installations.

Since its creation in 2009, EN MASSE has worked within diverse environments such as art institutions (Galerie Pangée), public events (Osheaga Festival of Music and Arts, Smart Design Mart), private contracts (l’Agence Sid Lee), and within community outreach projects (EN MASSE @ Art Pop).

Our mandate is twofold; firstly to increase the visibility of new young artists, both collectively and as individuals, and secondly, to foster community-oriented art events and programming, built upon a specific form of collaborative interaction and immersion between the chosen artists.

This edition of EN MASSE is realized in association with Art Souterrain, and the Festival Montreal en Lumieres for the Montreal 2010 Nuit Blanche festivities.

Launching on 27 February 2010, Art Souterrain is the biggest 15 day underground exhibition of contemporary art ever seen in Montreal, bringing together a huge diversity of artists for a production spanning the 3.5 km of underground tunnels from Complexes les Ailes to Complexe Guy Favreau.

This EN MASSE creation/performance event will take form in the tunnel level of Eaton Center, live during the Nuit-Blanche, anticipating the participation of 30+ artists working on a string of canvases spanning 150ft long, by 3ft high

The completed works will then be mounted high above the walkway on the overhead bulkheads until the 13th of March, 2010, remaining highly visible throughout the commercial center.

As well, we’ve received permission to pre-install an enormous 30 panel (3’x5′ each) series of drawings on paper, into light-boxes wrapping round a central spiraling staircase, a key installation which will remain in the space indefinitely.

Be sure to add En Masse to your Nuit Blanche itinerary (see next post for details). Also check out Jason’s website to see some gorgeous drawings (in particular the Erased Faces series)