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The Dice Show @ HQ: Next session May 13

May 11, 2010

This month sees Headquarter’s Gallery and En Masse team up for The Dice Show. 45 2’x2′ panels were constructed, painted white and mounted on the gallery walls. Participating artists come in for three drawing sessions (May 6, 13 and 20th, 6-9 pm – open to public viewing). At the end of each session dice are rolled and the panels are shuffled.

Read more about it on the HQ Blog, and check out the finishing party on May 28th.

Appel à soumission | Call for submissions: Sketchbook 2009

March 31, 2010

***The call for submissions period is now over. Please email dndmtl{at} to get on our mailing list to find out about future events. *** L’appel de soumissions est maintenant terminé. SVP contactez nous à dndmtl{à} pour s’abonner à notre liste d’événements. ***

As part of your spring cleaning ritual, Drink & Draw Montreal wants you to look through your 2009 sketchbooks and send us five of your best images! We’ll post our favourites on the site throughout the month of April, along with your name and a link to your website or blog. (Submissions can also be anonymous). This is a great chance to show an experiment, process work, or an accident that you learned something from.

Please send submissions to dndmtl {at} gmail {dot} com. Scanned images only, 72 dpi. (No photographs unless they are high quality).

Start sending images today.

C’est printemps, le meilleur temps d’aller fouilletter dans vos sketchbooks de 2009 et nous envoyer cinq de vos dessins préférais!
Nous proposerons nos choix favouris sur le site durant de mois d’avril, avec votre nom et un lien à votre site web/blogue! (Les soumissions pourraient être anonyme aussi, pas de problème). C’est la chance parfaite de nous laisser jêter un coup d’oeil sur vos essaies, votre processus artistique, ou même un accident duquel vous avez apris quelquechose.

Envoyez vos fichers à: dndmtl {à} gmail {point} com. Nous accepterons seulement les images scanné. Pas de photographes, sauf s’ils sont de qualité professionnel.

Commencez à envoyer vos images aujourd’hui.

Thanks to Anna Jane McIntyre for sharing her sketchbook images “Jesus Sex Faces 1 & 2”.

(click images to enlarge)

Nathan Brown & Lisa Czech (Galerie Monastiraki)

March 29, 2010

Galerie Monastiraki will be featuring works on paper by
two young artists this April:

Montreal native Lisa Czech and has been making gig posters since she was 16. She’ll be putting up a collection of recent prints and drawings, some of which showcase the inspiration or the origins of her lovely posters.

Originally from Vancouver Island, Nathan Brown will be presenting a collection of mixed media work that investigates of the ways in which myth and mysticism interact with historical and contemporary cultures.

Vernissage Friday, April 2, 19h – 22h
Monastiraki 5478 St-Laurent

Regular drawing events @ Galérie Synthésie!

March 26, 2010

Thanks to Anthony from Galerie Synthésie for letting us know about their regular drawing events, including Drink & Draws, model sessions and the upcoming live drawing workshop “Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden”!

Galerie Synesthésie
94 St. Catherine East, unit 7.
Montreal, Quebec,
H2X 1K7

(Message en français ci-dessous)

On Sunday, March 28, 14h30 – 17h30, Galerie Synesthésie will be holding a special live drawing workshop with the theme of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  A male and female model, playing the roles of Adam and Eve, will play out the story of the fall of man and original sin through creative poses. The models will at first be nude, but in the spirit of the classic tale, they will ultimately clothe themselves after “eating” from the Tree of Knowledge.

This event is just one of Galerie Synesthésie’s many unique themed live sketching workshops, featuring single or double nude models in poses inspired by the given theme. Past themes include JD Waterhouse, Japan and Pirates, along with common festive themes, such as Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Like all of the gallery’s workshops, these events are open to beginning drawers as well as pros, and they always include great refreshments and often fabulous games and prizes. Previous and current sponsors who donated include: Barefoot Wine and Bubbly, Nouvelle Optique and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Drawing in the Garden of event FB event:

Galerie Synesthésie FB group:!/group.php?gid=10878620218

Galerie Synesthésie Blog:
Galerie Synesthésie Main Site:

Ce dimanche le 28 mars, de 14h30 à 17h30, la galerie Synesthésie présentera une séance spéciale de modèle vivant dont le thème sera Adam et Ève au jardin d’Éden. Deux modèles, l’un masculin, l’autre féminin, interpréteront la chute de l’humanité et l’avènement du péché originel. Cette légende sera évoquée par des poses inspirantes. Les modèles seront tout d’abord nus et, dans l’esprit des saintes écritures, ils s’habilleront progressivement après avoir goûté le fruit défendu de l’arbre de la connaissance.

La Galerie Synesthésie présente régulièrement ce type d’atelier de modèle vivant thématique. Nous centrant sur un sujet  bien défini et ayant recours à des modèles solo ou en couple, la galerie a déjà présenté plusieurs séances où les thèmes étaient, notamment, l’univers du peintre Waterhouse, les pirates, le Japon, ou, encore, des fêtes comme la Halloween, Noël et la Saint-Valentin.
Comme pour tous nos ateliers, ces événements sont accessibles tout autant aux dessinateurs débutants qu’à ceux de calibre professionnel. Nous offrons toujours des rafraîchissement, un buffet et, souvent, des jeux et des prix spéciaux. Parmi nos commanditaires, mentionnons Barefoot Wine and Bubbly, Nouvelle Optique et le Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal.

Still River Still Leaving: NADIA MOSS (PUSH Gallery)

March 9, 2010

Very excited to see a bunch of ink drawings and mixed media paintings by local artist Nadia Moss on the walls of PUSH Gallery next week. Note the gallery’s new location in the Belgo Building, 372 Ste-Catherine O. Suite # 425.

Vernissage: Thursday, March 18 6-9 p.m.

Making It Montreal Exhibit I. (Vernissage tonight)

March 2, 2010

Making It Montreal” Group Exhibit  @ Casa del Popolo (4873 St-Laurent, corner St-Joseph) March 2 – 31.

Vernissage: Tuesday March 2, 6:00-9:00 PM, Free Admission
Round-table discussion at 8 PM, followed by free DJ night

Featuring new works by some of Montreal’s best print artists:
Kiarra Albina
Tyler Rauman
Aimée van Drimmelen
Jesse Purcell

Harley Smart

Limited-edition prints by the featured artists will be available for sale to the public at the vernissage, and the exhibit will remain open to the public throughout the month of March.

“Making It Montreal” is a unique research and promotion project highlighting English-speaking artists who chose to make Montreal home.

Opening: Works on Paper Project (Red Bird Gallery)

January 20, 2010

The second chapter of the Red Bird Gallery’s Works on Paper Project takes place January 29-31, 12-6pm. This ongoing project features a wide range of 2D works from some of Montreal’s most exciting emerging artists.

Vernissage Thursday Jan. 28, 7-12. 135 Van Horne O.

(click flyer to enlarge)

Drawing is Thinking: Milton Glaser

January 17, 2010

“I’m convinced that it’s only through drawing that I look at things carefully. That the act of drawing makes me conscious of what I’m looking at. If I wasn’t drawing I sense that I wouldn’t be seeing…”
– Milton Glaser

Check out this great short video of Milton Glaser (co-founder of Pushpin Studios) drawing and chatting about drawing: MILTON GLASER DRAWS & LECTURES from C. Coy on Vimeo. (Originally found at

Recent interview (

We Love Your Mother’s Watercolours (Jan. 14)

January 2, 2010

We Love Your Mother’s Watercolours
is a selection of exhibitions that will be happening over the next six months at the Green Room (5386 St-Laurent). First up is work by Claire Boucher, starting January 14 2010. For the full schedule click here.

Sofeel: SEx ChanGe

August 16, 2009

Thanks for Sofeel for sending this great drawing that she started at the last D&D.

“They are interchangeable upper and lower bodies – people are meant to print, cut out and switch them around.” — sofeel