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comics? jam?

April 18, 2009

What is a comic? What is a jam? Not quiiite sure but there were definitely some interesting collaborations going on at Wed. night’s D&D :

more images to come…

Wed April 15: D&D Comics Jam!

April 6, 2009

For the next D&D we decided to resurrect the Comics Jam!
What is a “Comics Jam” ? Well it’s not a bunch of dudes geeking out over Spiderman. It’s a collaborative drawing party, and YOU are invited.

HOW: Bring a nice piece of paper, divide it up into segments, and start drawing (painting, colouring…).  When you have filled one square you pass it to someone else and they fill the next square and pass it on. There are no rules, styles vary, stories unfold, people fall in love, wars break out, the world is knocked off it’s axis, Days of Our Lives is still on television, shit is fun.

WHERE: Casa del Popolo, 4873 St-Laurent
WHEN: Wednesday, April 15  7 p.m.
WHY: Because.

Thanks to Tyler Rauman for the fine idea and poster artwork!