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Resources for aspiring illustrators: ESCAPE FROM ILLUSTRATION ISLAND

March 7, 2010

Many visual artists fantasize about making a career in illustration, but there are a lot of questions when you’re first starting out. How do I build a great portfolio? How do I get in touch with art directors? How do I promote my work?

One place I go when I need tips or inspiration (or productive procrastination) is Escape from Illustration Island. Here you’ll find interviews, forums, and regular podcasts that will answer many of your questions.

The top posts of February 2010 include
How To Stand Out and Be Noticed, What is Your Biggest Challenge as an Illustrator?, and How to Create a Free Portfolio Site.

Reportage Illustration & Studio 1482

February 3, 2010

If you’re a fan of reportage illustration, location drawing, pen & ink, or all of the above you will LOVE the work of eight incredible illustrators at Studio 1482.

From their website:

About Reportage Illustration

re·port·agenoun an account of an act, event, history, etc., based on direct observation or on thorough research and documentation. Unabridged (v 1.1)

Studio 1482 is founded on the discipline of reportage illustration and the direct connection it provides to the world we live and interact in …

They also run, which you’ve probably heard about, and are affiliated with a great source of visual stimulation and inspiration that we’ll write more about soon.

Drawing is Thinking: Milton Glaser

January 17, 2010

“I’m convinced that it’s only through drawing that I look at things carefully. That the act of drawing makes me conscious of what I’m looking at. If I wasn’t drawing I sense that I wouldn’t be seeing…”
– Milton Glaser

Check out this great short video of Milton Glaser (co-founder of Pushpin Studios) drawing and chatting about drawing: MILTON GLASER DRAWS & LECTURES from C. Coy on Vimeo. (Originally found at

Recent interview (