Drawing Expo 2010: Galerie Rye (July 10)

Don’t miss Drawing Expo 2010, a giant group show coming up just in time for summer. Hosted by the brand new Galerie Rye in the heart of the Village, the show takes place July 9-25. Vernissage July 10, 8 p.m.

Drawing Expo! is an annual exhibition currated by Gabriel Deerman which presents Artists from Canada and abroad working in the field of contemporary drawing. Since its inception in Vancouver in 2007 Drawing Expo has explored current trends and looked forward to what the future holds for this exciting medium. This large group exhibition celebrates imagination, fantasy and the surfaces where these worlds are projected.

While the focus of the exhibition is drawing, the artists involved challenge disciplinary borders and definitions with their varying approaches to the work. Using print media, collage, brush and ink or the pen; from doodles to intricately executed renderings, a question of ‘What is drawing?’ is posed and an invitation to the viewer to ponder over and enjoy.

Drawing Expo! 2010 proudly features works by: Lee Hutzulak, Lucas Soi, Michael Comeau, Leyla Majeri, Aimée van Drimmelen, Shawn Kuruneru, Nadia Moss, Jaynus O’ Donnell, Robert Clifton, Todd Stewart, Nathan Jones, Shane Watt and James Whitman


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One Response to “Drawing Expo 2010: Galerie Rye (July 10)”

  1. gabriel deerman Says:

    thanx aimee! I’ve been crazy busy but we should discuss the next d&d soon. cant wait to see your work when i get home:)

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