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D&D MTL Sketchbook 2009: Geoff Webb

May 25, 2010

Geoff Webb is a photographer, mixed media artist and music video editor originally from Vancouver. He is co-founder of a production company based in Montreal called “Good and Shy” who will be launching a new website soon.

Thanks to Geoff for participating in the Drink & Draw Montreal Sketchbook 2009 Call for Submissions! We will be posting images throughout the months of April and May, so send us your favourite sketchbook images today!

Merci à Geoff d’avoir participé à l’appel de soumissions Cahier de dessins Drink & Draw Montreal 2009. Nous publierons vos dessins durant tout le mois d’avril et mai, alors faites-nous parvenir vos croquis favoris dès aujourd’hui!